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Following a successful span of 6 years producing one of Malta’s most popular entertaining programmes and TV awards winner for Best Weekly Magazine programme in 2010, "Sas-Sitta", as from October 2013, Spiteri Lucas Entertainment (SLE) will be starting a new venture, a follow up of Sas-Sitta; a light Entertainment and game show for all the family – SIBT FAMILJA.

"SIBT FAMILJA" will be transmitted "live" on Net Television between 13.30hrs and 16.00hrs.

The programme hosted by popular actor and presenter Ray Attard and well known singer/presenter Debbie Scerri will feature a challenging and fun game show in which personalities and their relatives will keep televiewers entertained throughout the 2 and a half hour show.

It’s Gossip Time!!

Every week there will also be the one to one Hot Seat interview with top local personalities who made a name for themselves in their respective fields: actors, singers, doctors, priests, musicians, etc. Together we will discover various interesting facts! And who knows – maybe our guests will be in for a surprise!

"SIBT FAMILJA" will also provide televiewers with live entertainment featuring a resident band directed by Mro. Mark Spiteri Lucas, together with various versatile resident and guest singers and top local bands. Music will be part and parcel of the game show during the programme and the competitors are in for some interesting challenges featuring information regarding songs, singers etc. with the main aim to entice nostalgia.

The programme will also feature renowned comedian and puppeteer Toni Busuttil and his hilarious characters that will surely put a smile on televiewers’ faces!

Televiewers will also get the chance to win thousands of euros in prizes.
"SIBT FAMILJA" will also feature general knowledge and culture spots, and female fashion trends. It’s the Saturday treat for all the family.

With a highly talented cast, spectacular and entertaining content and a few surprises in store, "SIBT FAMILJA" will surely confirm that it is the Best Weekly entertaining programme to watch.  

For advertising details and more information regarding SIBT FAMILJA, kindly contact Spiteri Lucas Entertainment or one of its representatives.

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