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Mark Spiteri Lucas is without any doubt a familiar name in the local entertainment scene. He comes from a family that over the years has produced a number of talented musicians and singers who form part of Malta's  post-war musical heritage namely the late Oscar and his brother John Charles Lucas (Mark's grandfather), Godwin and the late David Lucas (my uncles) and also well-known singer and cabaret artist Joe Cutajar.  

Mark started piano and music theory lessons at the age of 7 until he achieved the A.L.C.M diploma.  At the age of 13, Mark joined his brother's band and together they played in some of the leading night spots and hotels on the island. In the meantime, he was approached by renowned musician Mro. Joe Brown to join his show band. With this band he played in quite a good number of concerts and  festivals.

Mark has also played in "Night of the Stars" 1993, together with the David Lucas Memorial Band, and in the concert Just Hits in September 1996 where he accompanied well-known Welsh singer and musician, Linda Myers. This concert was organized as part of the festivities being held every year in Floriana to mark Independence Day.

Today, Mark has his own concert band. With his band, apart from playing the piano and keyboards, Mark is also responsible for its musical direction and all music arrangements performed during various events. The Mark Spiteri Lucas Band has performed successfully in a host of events such as the "Malta Historical Cities Festival organized by Malta Tourism Authority, the "FECC Carnival Convention Ball", "Farsons Great Beer Festival", "Delicata Classic Wine Festival", "Notte Bianca" and "Birgu by Candlelight" amongst others.

Mark is also the composer of a large number of songs and has participated both as a singer and song-writer in various festivals, both locally and abroad. In fact, he has written songs for renowned singers such as Ira Losco, Nadine Axisa, Roger Tirazona, Klinsmann, Mark Tonna, Leontine and Julie Zahra, just to mention a few. Mark's songs have also competed in various international festivals such as in Bulgaria and Italy. He is also the composer of the musical "Robin Hood - Il-le??enda ta' Nottingam" He has also written signature tunes for important TV programmes, namely "Ilwien Sajfin", "Net Stars", "KolloxSibt", "Kollox ma' Kollox" and "Sas-Sitta".

Mark Spiteri Lucas has also played important parts in some theatrical works including the musical "Il-?otbi ta' Notre Dame" (2000), "Barabbas" (2001), "Toni Bajada l-Eroj fl-Assedju l-Kbir" (2001), "Nisa ta' Trojja" (2001), "Ben Hur" (2002), "Scrooge" (2003), "", (2003), "Il-?olma ta' bil-Lejl f'Nofs is-Sajf" (A Midsummer's Night Dream) (2003), "Idejn il-Vjolinista" (2003), "Bla Kommixin" (2003), "Musicall" (2003), "Cabaretic" (2004), "Ti?i Saltnatek" (2004), "Waslet is-Sieg?a" (2005). Mark has attended drama lessons under the tutorship of Mr. John Suda. He also took up Performing Arts under the direction of Mr. Patrick Vella were he obtained Grade 7 from the Trinity College, London.

Mark Spiteri Lucas also took part in various TV drama productions such as in popular sitcom, "Simpati?i", "An?li", "Is-Salib tal-Fidda", and "Qeg?din Sew" with his most important roles being interpreted in popular teleserials such as "Il-Madonna ta?-?oqqa" and "Delitti f'Malta" as well as in "Becky" and "Idejn il-Vjolinista".  

In 2003, after establishing himself as one of Malta's top entertainers, Mark together with his brothers Ivan and Kurt formed "Spiteri Lucas Entertainment" with the aim of producing quality live music and theatre productions for locals and visiting tourists alike. During the past three years, Spiteri Lucas Entertainment has managed to successfully produce "Live from the Screen" (2003), "That's Amore" (2004) "Dipinto di Blu" (2004), "A Tribute to the Oldies" (2005), "Sleigh Bells in the City - the live family Christmas Show" (2005), "Romanza - an evening with Julie and Ludwig" (2006), "Golden Oldies" (2006) and "Jingle Jangle @ Christmastime" (2006), "The Legends of Music" (2007), "Flashback" (2007) "Welcome to Hollywood" (2008), "A Tribute to the Stars" (2008), "Dipinto di Blu II" (2009) and "In Harmony - Live the Music" (2010).  

Currently Mark Spiteri Lucas is the musical director and one of the producers of popular Saturday afternoon programme "Sas-Sitta" where he is responsible for all music arrangements performed during the four hour programme.

This is not Mark's first experience on TV. Mark was also resident musician in the popular T.V. quiz show "Hi" and also on Monday's early evening programme "Niltaqghu it-Tnejn", both on Net Television. He has occupied the role of musical director for three consecutive years of "KolloxSibt", the former Saturday afternoon programme.

Mark is a fully qualified teacher with a degree from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Malta, BA (hons) and with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). Mark's dissertation analyses a number of local theatrical works of a political nature, staged in Malta way back in the eighties.

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